Crane Rebuild: From Totalled Linkbelt 258 Truck Crane to Better than New

When Tippen Fabricators and Erectors called us for a crane rebuilt, they were making an epic request. Their Linkbelt 258 truck crane was totaled when a 150 ton concrete tilt wall turned loose and fell on the crane, crushing it like a bug.

Rescuing a Totalled Linkbelt Truck Crane from the Scrap Heap

Thankfully no one was injured, but the crane was a total loss—a loss the insurance company did not want to absorb. The insurance
company hoped that the crane could be repaired for less than its value in scrap. As far as Tippen Fab was concerned, if they could quickly make the crane operational, they would save the cost of replacement and weeks of down time.

Crane Rebuild from Scratch: A Job No One Else Would Attempt

We didn’t just make that Linkbelt 258 operational, we made it as good as new and possibly better. Given its age, parts to rebuild the crane were scarce. We had to remake the entire cab from sheet metal. We put in a brand new engine and rebuilt many of the parts and cleaned and restored many more. Taking enormous pride in craftsmanship an investing meticulous care in the details, we delivered a rebuilt crane that passed for brand new.

Saving More than A Quarter Million Dollars

The rebuilt Linkbelt crane was insured for $750. Replacing it would likely cost more than that. And the process would have dragged on for months. When we finished the crane rebuild, we delivered it to Tippen like new for under $390,000 in just eight weeks—a savings of at least $360,000 in cash and even more by preventing more down time.