Ever hear a big machine clank by or have a crane boom up and something just didn’t seem right?


Construction equipment wear, and tear is unavoidable, especially here in South East Texas!  All that stress, and hard use.  Over time pivoting or rotating motions cause those holes to become enlarged, misaligned, and out-of-round. Our experts will come out to your site, build up the inside of the hole with weld.  Precisely bore the hole to the correct dimension for the pin or re-bored to accommodate a bushing.  Whatever the need may be Bohen has your back. Massive boring need? No problem!  Custom pin needed?  No problem!


Bohen uses seasoned professionals with Portable Line Boring Machines for Field Repairs, and our service trucks have everything needed to get you back up and running!


Deconstructing equipment and taking it to a machine shop for repair can be time consuming, expensive, and or impossible. In those cases we provide repairs in the field using portable line boring machines for working on: frame supports, loader buckets, resizing attachments, stern tubes, line pins, gear boxes, transmission housing, drive shaft housing boring, and steering/king-pin assemblies.  Unlike your average “shade tree” service guy, our line bore professionals are not limited to size, scope, location or equipment type.  Whether it’s South East Texas or South East Asia, Bohen will solve your most complex service requests!


When on-site service just isn’t the right fit….


Our full fabrication and CNC shop gets your project done faster and with better quality control than is possible anywhere else. When your equipment is in our facility, we provide a timeline of completion. We also keep open lines of communication throughout the repair process.  Check out the video of the line boring on this crane rebuild:


Line boring is just one of the many service we provide for our customers. If you have equipment in need of service, give us a call. Our experts are the best in the business!

Posted by Bohen Equipment on Thursday, May 31, 2018